10 reasONs to love … night riding!


The ON crew went night riding in the weekend at Coronet Peak and we’re still amping!

Here’s 10 reasons why, with insider’s advice from Pete Oswald – one of our favourite Kiwi freeskiers:

1. Less kooks
2. The darkness makes it harder for the courtesy patrol to catch you
3. Schnapps
4. Less chance of kids being on your landings when launching off cat tracks
5. No ski school snakes taking up the whole run
6. Speed dating in the Singles lane
7. The Airbag
8. Dark corners for naughty deeds
9. Night skiing means it’s either Friday or Saturday night – PARTY!
10. Rockstar carparks abound


Some things are just better in the dark. We recommend heading up Coronet Peak this Friday or Saturday to smash out some laps and grab some hangtime on The Airbag. It will make you feel like Axl from Guns N Roses when he sang: Loaded like a freight train / Flyin’ like an aeroplane / Speedin’ like a space brain / One more time tonight / I’m on the night train / And I’m lookin’ for some / I’m on the night train !

Be young, have fun, but play safe and clean everyone. See you for some night riding over on the dark side this weekend.



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