Here at On Magazine we’ve been lucky to have a pretty talented crew of writers, designers and photographers lending us a hand. Read about some of our fantastic contributors, and if you run into one of them, give her or him a pat on the back. They’re awesome. 

how fascinatingSarah McMullan

Sarah McMullan was born in the south (Christchurch), lived in the north (Auckland) and has settled in the middle (Wellington) by way of the UK and beyond. According to the IRD she’s a freelance writer, broadcaster and publicist; according to her Mum she needs to get out more and stop touching strange animals. Follow her on Twitter @sarahmcmullannz or @Letterboxd: Sarah_SquareEye.


Jordaine Wilson

Jordaine Wilson

Born and bred in Wanaka, Jordaine Wilson had a small town childhood which left her with a thirst for the bigger world. Spending half her time in the winter scene, she found the other half in the windy skies of Wellington. Constantly searching for creative crevices, Jordaine seeks avenues that can enrich and make a difference to the lives of those around her. Her passion is evident – you just try shutting her up once she gets going – it’s the flare that’s going to take her places. One day she will be Queen Jordaine media tycoon, smiling at the bigger world she discovered with a wine in hand.

ScottProfile picScott Anderson

Scott calls New Zealand’s “craft beer capital” of Wellington home. If he’s not in one of Wellington’s fine beer bars he can be found walking the hills or enjoying the view from his deck in the southern suburb of Kingston. As well as a fondness for good beer, Scott loves cooking, music, and winding up his crazy old black cat, Cypher. Follow Scott on Twitter: @buzzandhum or get in touch with us to send him beer to review.

Quentin Kenning.Quentin Kenning

Currently he can be found in the mountains around the world. In dive bars listening to rock n roll ( his favourites are The Smiths, Joy Division , Bauhaus, Arcade Fire, Fugazi, Nine Inch Nails and David Bowie), on the hunt for the best coffee in town and taking photographs. He has taken pictures for Aspen/Snowmass, North and South magazine, On Magazine, 3CS Outerwear, Snow Park Technologies, Mint Tours, Nitro Snowboards, Flux Bindings, Home School Outerwear, Rock Star Energy Drink, Arbor Snowboards, Smith Optics Colorado, Monument Snowboards, and Shred Optics.

mikeMike Stuart

Mike Stuart, jack of several trades, is currently domiciled in his home town of Wellington after a dozen years of fact-finding missions abroad. He loves the internet and could really do with a haircut. Tall.

Andreas Eggmann

Andreas Eggmann cooks, travels and takes photos. Based in Hahei (with his fingers in pies elsewhere) he spends his days as a hotelier, recipe developer and food photographer as well as running around barefoot.  He laments the lack of snow in his life and longs for stinky cheese and alpine pursuits.


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