Five reasons to love… kin2kin: the family-friendly social networking app

Sharing special moments with kin2kin.

Sharing special moments with kin2kin.

Brainchild of Wanaka dad and businessman Hamish Mcgregor, kin2kin offers a simple, new way for families to connect online. ANNABEL WILSON explores the benefits of using the app that’s shaking up today’s social networking space.

1. kin2kin is child’s play

As an introduction to the wonderful world of apps, kin2kin is a great place for rookies of all ages to start exploring. Inviting and intuitive, the layout and design incites seamless photo sharing and commenting at the touch of a button. Just download the app, log in and start adding family and photos. Too easy.

Using kin2kin is easy peasy, says Bess.

Using kin2kin is easy peasy, says Bess.

2. kin2kin provides a clear sense of control and ownership

Without the trappings of distracting news feeds or the implications of losing ownership of your images and records of your conversations to a data-collecting Big Brother, kin2kin is a safe way for relatives (blood and honorary) to share moments and milestones.


3. kin2kin supports communication across generations and distances

And that’s got to be a good thing.


Users can comment and like each other's photos.

Users can comment and like each other’s photos.

My relatives are kept in the loop with my latest updates on kin2kin while I’m on sabbatical – and the photos can be tailored for them! My folks aren’t on Facebook, and I don’t think it would be ideal for them to trawl through my Facebook profile to see what I’ve been up to anyway.

4. kin2kin’s developers are open to dialogue about potential improvements

Traditional family structures are no longer the norm – something kin2kin is very much aware of as they move into their next development phase. The company are currently reaching out to solo or separated parents and blended families to talk about ways to make the app work better for them.

Where kin2kin is being used right now.

Where kin2kin is being used right now.

5kin2kin is another Kiwi entrepreneurial success story

Since its launch on March 1 this year, kin2kin has gathered momentum both in New Zealand and overseas, thanks to its safe, stripped-down, ring-fenced environment for families to connect. It is already being used in twenty-five countries, and as Hamish explains, has the potential to go global.

Annabel Wilson, writer and kin2kin fan.

Annabel Wilson – kin2kin fan.

ANNABEL WILSON is a writer and educator from Wanaka. A self-proclaimed PANK (Professional Aunt, No Kids), she is currently living in the inspirational windy city of Wellington where she is working on various film, theatre and media projects.

Twitter: @OnMagNZ

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