Five reasONs you should listen to Kurt Vile

We heart Kurt Vile. PHOTO: Stereogum.

We heart Kurt Vile. PHOTO: Stereogum.

TANIA GRIEVE caught Phily-based indie rocker Kurt Vile at The Sherwood recently and shares the skinny on why he’s totally ON form.

1. His new album is awesome.
Recently released “B’lieve I’m goin down” is stacked with catchy, punchy songs and has been welcomed with rave reviews from the likes of Pitchfork, Spin and The Guardian. You’ll have it on repeat before you know it.

2. He looks as good as he sounds.
With a fine crop of long lush wavey brunette locks and rocking steezy Adidas high tops, he is very easy on the eyes. One cool looking character.

Fan girl correspondent Tania Grieve with Kurt Vile and Keri Johnson.

Fan girl correspondent Tania Grieve with Kurt Vile and Keri Johnson.

3. He is represented by one of indie rock’s finest record labels.
Matador Records is known to house some of indie rock’s finest, including the likes of Pavement, Interpol, Cat Power and Queens of the Stone Age. Fierce.

4. Your parents will dig him too.
With influences and comparisons to the likes of Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen , the olds will have no issues with you being in charge of the tunes at family gatherings if you’re playing his music. A little, nay a LOT of Kurt doesn’t hurt.

Kurt's tops in high tops.

Kurt’s tops in high tops. PHOTO: Tania Grieve.

5. He is currently on tour.
After being fortunate enough to see him perform flawlessly  to a sold out crowd at Queenstown’s The Sherwood last week, I highly recommend you check him out. Catch him in Australia, the US and Canada this January/February. Click here to suss out the dates for his 26 upcoming concerts in 2016.

See Kurt in actiON here. Pretty Pimpin’ huh?

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