Four artists, four pages

In the Spring issue of On, we profiled four Wanaka artists over four pages. Read more and check out some of their work here.


Robyn Bardas – Artist

Thankyou Te Awa - 2.400 x 1.200mm acrylic and ink on board


Return - 2.400 x 1.200mm acrylic and oil on board


I came to New Zealand from St Kilda, Melbourne, in 1995 for a week skiing, and am still here. Now I live in Hawea Flat on 50 acres with my husband

and two children, and a multitude of Spanish horses, Swiss goats, English chooks, Arapawa sheep and a NZ Huntaway puppy.

My current work is abstracted landscape painting; based in drawing with limited palette and layered planes. Earth Umbers and Van Dyke Brown form
mountain contour in oil or ink. Moments of encoded colour form veils, threads, and reminders to other dimensions. Since my exhibition “Below the
Surface” in April 2012, and travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia in May, the umbers have melded into seedpods and vessels and are impacted by the
temples of Angkor Wat. Saffron robes of the Buddhist monks have distilled into seeds of gold.

I’ve been drawing and painting all my life, and studied Painting in Melbourne: BA Fine Art (Painting) RMIT 1989.Sometimes I teach drawing, life
drawing or painting. I host a weekly life drawing group.

My purpose-built studio is on the property, beyond the veggie garden.

The landscape here embeds itself on my brain. I’ve been painting sky, mountain, cloud here for 17 years.

View my gallery at to see more recent exhibition works.




Nina Conradi – Artist

Nina Conradi

Nina Conradi is a contemporary abstract artist living and working in Wanaka. Born in Munichshe, she spent several summers doing art school
residences abroad during high school years and later studied Architecture and Art at the ‘Beaux Arts’ Academy in Paris, France. She spent her
last semester of University in Cuba and then wrote her final thesis about a remote area in Fiordland, New Zealand, creating a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’,
a synergy of land, art and architecture, which earned her an honours degree. After a few years of travelling, mainly in Asia, Nina settled in New
Zealand in 1998. She has been living, working, creating and exhibiting locally and overseas since.

Follow Nina in her journey of Art, Architecture and travel on her blog:

Bike called 'Mariposa'

I Beam Horizontal

















Simon Williams – Photographer

I love taking photographs. From the moment of capturing a handful of the millions of photons flying around during a given instant, through to
manipulating them, further expressing the mood, colour and feeling of that moment. My favourite moments occur around people, objects, ideas,
community events and (saving the best for last) BIKES!

Step Down


Double Door Ajar


















Gavin Key – Graphic Designer




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