Fun stuff to do in Wanaka in Autumn

The end of summer does not mean the end of outdoor fun. Here are five cool things for kids to do in Wanaka in Autumn.

1) Go for a walk along the Outlet Track and collect as many differently-coloured leaves as you can find. Glue them onto a piece of paper to make pictures. Try to make a sun, a monkey, a boat and a flower.

2) Play Poohsticks at the bridge over Bullock Creek next to the Dinosaur Park. Collect some sticks with some friends. Each of you drops a stick into the creek on the upstream side of the bridge and then you all watch to see which stick gets to Lake Wanaka first!

3) Pay $2 at the log cabin on the lakefront to get a cup of fish food and feed the eels off the end of the wharf.

4) Take a digital camera outside and take extreme close-up pictures of plants, bugs and other objects you find. Then challenge a grownup to guess what’s in each photo.

5) Go for a swing and pump for as long as you can. Soon it will be too cold for swinging!

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