Gig Alert: The Funk Hunters return to Splore

ON the road... Dunks and The Outlier of The Funk Hunters.

ON the road to Splore… Dunks and The Outlier of The Funk Hunters.

The second in our series of Splore previews: ANNABEL WILSON catches up with Dunks from The Funk Hunters as the funkiest mash-up duo on the planet jetset to NZ. Canadian go-getters who are known for sets that bring smiles to thousands and a spring to your step, DO NOT MISS these guys at Splore 2016.

What are you most looking forward to about your return to NZ?

Fergbuger obviously… but also really excited to go back for a couple shows in the South Island in Wanaka and Queenstown and then of course hanging on the beach at Splore!  This will be our third year in a row down to NZ and it’s become one of our favourite countries to tour in.

What makes Splore so special?

The location is pretty hard to beat but I think the festival has a great focus on supporting the local talent of New Zealand but also bringing in some incredible international acts.  We really noticed a great diversity in music at Splore 2014 which is I think is really important at festivals.  Splore also have a focus on sustainability, cool art installations, and is far from the corporate vibe that most bigger festivals have.

You guys have a hectic touring schedule. What’s the secret to all that infectious energy you bring to each set? 

We really love what we do and when you’re doing something you love, its easy to have a lot of energy.

What would we find in your carry on luggage?

We tend to have a fair bit of DJ gear in our carry on but aside from that usually a good book, some camera lenses, backup hard drives, USB power packs, a passport, and I’ve started to carry super glue and a mini screwdriver, and some electrical tape.  All three of those have saved the day a few times in the past year.

What’s on your rider?

Nothing too crazy…. some drinks and a few snacks for after the set.  We did however just came up with the idea to add a fridge magnet or some sort of small memorabilia from the local area.  I wish we had added that sooner because we would have built up quite the collection from the past few years of touring.

Which Kiwi artists do you most admire?

Fat Freddy’s Drop, Opiuo, Sola Rosa, K+Lab, The Black Seeds, Shapeshifter, Tahuna Breaks, and The Opensouls.

Define ‘funk’.

For us funk has been the common denominator that brings good people together…. It’s that infectious sound and vibe that brings the groove and makes ya move.

Advice for first-timers to Splore?

Splore is the type of festival where you should check out the artists that you haven’t heard of.  The lineup curation is top notch and we got to see some wicked acts last time that were not on our radar.

Get your boogie on with The Funk Hunters at Splore! Here’s a wee taster of what to expect from these kick-ass artists. To see them perform is a full sensory treat. You’ll hear them revision vintage tracks then synth into new collaborations with cutting-edge contemporary musicians. You’ll see synced visuals. You’ll stomp and swoon. You’ll beam ridiculously at the person next to you. Because their show is very cool and, as we’ve said before, The Funk Hunters will change your life. We will see you at Splore; ON the dancefloor and frolicking in the ocean.
You can also catch The Funk Hunters at the Bungalow in Queenstown on Feb 18, and the Lake Wanaka Centre with Stickybuds on Feb 19.
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