Gig Alert: DJ duo Truth at Opium


Tristan Roake and Dré Le-Truth. Photo: Abby Wilcox

 As Wanaka gears up for another banging night at Opium this Wednesday 24 July, Gráinne Patterson catches up with Tristan Roake, one half of Christchurch born dubstep duo, Truth to find out what they’ve been up to lately and what we can expect from their bass-heavy, block rockin gig.

Tell me about yourselves…

Roughly enough, there’s two of us, I’m Tristan and the other guy’s Andre, we’re both from Christchurch originally but we’ve been based in the USA for the last 10 months. We’ve been touring round, separately and together all over, Europe, Canada, the States. At the moment, most of our music is on a pretty well respected dance music label, Tempa which is based in London.

What genre would you class your music as?

Most people call what we make dubstep but we try to stay away from classifying it, we just make music. We used to always call it dubstep until about two years ago when people started saying ‘Oh, dubstep –  you mean like Skrillex!’ but we don’t sound like that at all. We don’t really compare ourselves to anyone, we just make our own sound, it’s kinda darker and more moody but while still being dance music, still made for people to dance to and have a good time to.

Are you looking forward to playing in Wanaka, back on your home turf?

The last time I was here was September for a few gigs. We’ve toured in other parts of the World since but it’s always good to come home. The Rhythm Group that organised the tour organises Rhythm and Vines and they approached us asking if we wanted them to set up a tour for us so we said yea of course we’d love to. Wanaka comes right in the middle of the tour. It’s gonna be really good to see so many familiar faces at gigs again. We’ve also been touring separately for the last month so Wanaka will be like a little reunion gig, us getting back together so things may get pretty crazy…


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