Lawrence Arabia: A few of his favourite things

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We like Lawrence Arabia. Lots. So we’re a little breathless to hear he’ll be back in Wanaka with his fantastic four-piece as part of a three-week nationwide tour in November. 

He is definitely one of our favourites, and to acknowledge this we thought we’d catch up with Arabia himself (aka James Milne) to find out about a few of his favourite things. Turns out he’s quite into The Kinks.


What’s your top activity for a Sunday morning?

Listening to Neil Young’s “On The Beach”.


Describe your best haircut ever.

It’s the same one I’ve got now, ‘cos since my first haircut about thirty years ago, I’ve had almost exactly the same hairstyle.


The sparrow is the most common bird species in the world. What’s your favourite endangered bird?

I’m quite partial to the Northern Royal Albatross.


In your opinion, who’s the best James Bond?

David Niven.


What your favourite element on the periodic table?

The patriot in me has to select Rutherfordium.


We see that you love The Kinks. Which Davies brother do you prefer, Ray or Dave?

Can’t really go past Ray, even though he’s the more obvious choice and I hate making the more obvious choice. But I prefer his voice, and he wrote so many wonderful songs.


What’s your favourite greatest hits album?

Can I say The Kinks?!


Yes. Who’s your dream jam-session partner?

Screw it, Ray Davies. Doing Kinks covers.


What do you like best about Wanaka?

The dinosaur slide.


Catch Lawrence Arabia at Gin & Raspberry on Thursday 7 November.

Book your tickets online at the Festival of Colour website or buy them in person at Gin & Raspberry and Francesca’s Italian Kitchen. 




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