ON design trend: How a shaggy bag changed my life

Fireside shaggy bag with sheepskin rug and stone set. PHOTO: Wilson & Dorset.

Winding down after a busy working day used to be hard. Until my brother Ben and his wife Amanda  (of Wilson & Dorset) gave me a sheepskin shaggy bag for my birthday. It’s like a bear hug waiting in the lounge for whenever I need to chill out, fast. 

Taking the bean bag idea to a whole new level, the shaggy bag is the star of Wilson & Dorset’s intelligent lounging system. Orbited by a stackable set of sheepskin-covered stones, the shaggy bag nestles on a deep pile rug – forming a collection of pieces designed to work in harmony. Doing away with traditional furniture set ups, the Wilson & Dorset approach hinges around essentialism. Selecting just those elements which serve living zones best, Wilson & Dorset aim to “free your space” so you can stay in touch with what matters most. W&D pieces encourage kicking your shoes off and getting down to floor level while reconnecting with nature and each other.

My shaggy bag is from one of the first batches shipped out to happy customers, and has withstood the test of time. Spot cleaning has been easy when I’ve accidentally sloshed wine on it, and the shaggy bag comes with a special wool brush to keep the fibres as plush as the day it arrived. I’ve slept on it, stuffed it in the back of my car, and used it as a negotiating tool when moving flats: What can you bring to the household, they asked. A waffle maker, a creative persona and a shaggy bag sealed the deal.

In a world where our daily lives are increasingly hectic; where attention and time can get fractured across never-ending projects and tasks, it is becoming more and more important to make spaces to pause and reflect. Bringing a Wilson & Dorset shaggy bag into my life has been one way to do just that.


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