ON tap: BEffect review by craft beer hunter, Ira Heyder


Mojo Pin: BEffect’s latest offering.

Ira Heyder samples the family of beers from Wanaka’s newest boutique brewer, BEffect.

Google Dominic Kelly, The Ladder, and End of Year Rant and you’ll discover an interesting article about the state of our craft beer market: we’re all drinking Liberty and Panhead and experimenting less. No offence to these two fine breweries, but I consider this a call to arms: more experimentation!

Taking up the call, I’ve set up an Untappd account to record this next league of my beer odyssey, and will adopt beer guru and Beer Hunter Michael Jackson’s five senses beer-tasting test:

Sight – how it looks in the glass.

Smell – the aromas of the beer, inhale.

Taste – the flavours, the bitterness, the sweetness.

Sound –the clinking of glasses as you toast “Huro! Cheers!”

First up the BEffect Brewing Company of Wanaka. Formed in November 2014, BEffect epitomizes the wonder of craft beer – passionate brewers, in exotic locations, sharing their love of the craft.

Cut Cat Small IPA 3.8% (Untappd Score: 3.25)

It poured cloudy (perhaps bottle-shock having just travelled several hundred kilometres) but any apprehensions were soon overwhelmed by the pleasant hoppy aroma. For a Small IPA – which I assume refers to the lower alcohol content – BEffect have cleverly engineered a fruity, full-bodied session ale. If you’ve settled on Liberty Oh Brother, you won’t be disappointed experimenting with Cut Cat.

Vivant Wanaka Ale 4.5% (Untappd Score: 3)

The Vivant poured cloudy, but with an enticingly rich malty appearance, and a malty nose. A combination of toasty and caramel malt flavours, with a bitter finish. BEffect Head brewer James Hay describes the inspiration behind Vivant “something to rival a Pinot Noir, but that could also be drunk all afternoon in the pub” and that it is. Highly drinkable, Vivant is a refreshing alternative from the more hoppy variety.

Mojo Pin Belgian Ale 4.8% (Untappd Score: 3)

The latest addition to the BEffect lineup, a Belgian Ale, complete with the distinctive straw yellow to amber hues characteristic of a good Belgian Ale but, as it turns out, Mojo Pin is no ordinary Belgian Ale. In what may well be a world first, BEffect added red wine yeast to their Belgian Ale recipe. With my limited knowledge of Belgian Ales, I not sure I fully appreciate the impact the red wine yeast has on the taste. I found the Mojo Pin to be a moderate tasting ale with hints of citrus flavour. Of the three BEffect brews, the Mojo Pin had me intrigued, wanting to know more about their brewing process, and more about Belgian Ale.



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BEffect beers are available ONtap at discerning Wanaka establishments including Federal Diner, The Cottage, Bistro Gentil and The White House.

The Beer Hunter (1989): Six part TV series hosted by renowned beer journalist Michael Jackson. A highly entertaining around-the-globe search for the ultimate brew. Available on YouTube.

– Ira Heyder.


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