ON the beat: Tips for Splore from The Nudge’s Ryan Prebble


Ryan Prebble. PHOTO: Pat Shepherd.

Ryan Prebble of The Nudge reveals his Splore festival Dos and Don’t, his musical influences, fondness for his fans and favourite ice block flavour. Read ON for his Q&A with ONmag’s editor ANNABEL WILSON. 

So your music’s been described as “swampy blues”, “layered”, “tribal”, “something for the feet as well as the soul”… what can we expect from your set at Splore?

I’d say that audiences can expect something pretty similar – we tend to bring the party and take people on a little bit of a journey musically and maybe spiritually. We just intend for everyone to have a lot of fun – us included.

Have you guys been to Splore before?

Yeah we’ve played there once before, a few years ago now. We played during the daytime and it was a great vibe; we loved it.

So what does Splore mean to you? What’s bringing you back this year?

I particularly love the location and the layout of the festival and it’s always just a great vibe. There’s never any agro or negativity there, it’s always been a really positive time… I think the way it’s laid out, with the two main stages that don’t interfere with each other but are still reasonably close so you don’t have to walk far to get around. It’s kind of like a little local community. And it’s not just about the stages, it’s about the whole site – it’s transformed. Wherever you go, there’s something to inspire the senses.

What are you packing for Splore?

Togs. Jandals. Maybe the gumboots. I’ll see what the forecast is looking like. And my guitar. All my leads.

Any tips for Splore first timers?

Don’t poo in the sea. Don’t bring too much stuff. Look after yourself.

Who would you say is your biggest fan?

We’ve got a few pretty die hard fans actually. There’s a few scattered around the country. There’s a crew who always come out when we’re in their town or close to their town, which is awesome. When we come to Auckland, there’s a group of people who come down from Kerikeri. And when we play in the Nelson region, people come from all over to check us out. And then there’s a few around Wellington who’ve been with us from the start who are really dedicated fans.

I’m sure you’ll have lots of followers at Splore.

And hopefully some new ones too.

So one of your bandmates recently said in Canvas magazine that his fave ice-cream is hokey pokey. What’s your favourite lick?

I don’t really like ice cream that much. I prefer ice blocks. It’s kinda lame but my favourite’s actually the lemonade popsicle. And I do like the old grapefruit Fruju. Refreshing.

What’s ON for 2018?

I’ve just had another son. Four weeks old today. So that’s my third son; that’s going to take up a bit of time with the family. Also we’ve got some exciting gigs planned. We’re playing with Fat Freddy’s up in Hawke’s Bay at the Black Barn. Hopefully I’ll be working on some new tunes and getting into the studio… We’ll be doing a few sessions here for sure.

What’s off?

It’s a summer-related thing and some people might hate me for this but what really grates me is when I go down to the beach and people are listening to music on their blue-tooth. I like to go to the beach and listen to the waves or the seagulls or whatever, not to someone’s personal taste in music.

Speaking of personal tastes, who are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve been getting back into The Stone Roses. I bought an old cd from the dump shop and I’ve been cranking that quite a lot. And a vinyl of a German band, Neu! And a bit of King Tubby.

Who would you say are your influences?

Aw they’re pretty hairy. But in listening to The Stone Roses again, I would say them. I got into them when I was about thirteen, jamming away when I got my first electric guitar, in my hometown, Waipawa. And probably Radiohead. And a band called Can. You never know what’s going to inspire you. What you get into over the years changes quite a lot. And there’s always people to come back to.

Which other artists are you keen to see at Splore Festival?

I’m just gonna get there and see what’s on and try and catch what I can.


Catch The Nudge at Splore – at the Beach Shack and also as Ria Hall‘s backing band. Thanks to Pat Shepherd of One Per Cent Collective for the rad photo of Ryan.

Splore Tickets:

General admission adult festival ticket: $275 (includes general camping)

Youth ticket 13-17: $150

Children: Free

Camping upgrades are available

Reserved and glamping options on sale, as well as volunteering opportunities at www.splore.net

Get your tickets to Splore here.

Festival Location: One hour from Auckland’s CBD – Deery’s Rd, Orere Point.

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