ON the beat: The road to Splore with Kody Nielson

Poolside with Kody Nielson. PHOTO: undertheradar.co.nz

Poolside with Kody Nielson. PHOTO: undertheradar.co.nz

Kody Nielson is a busy man. This year he has two new albums in the offing as well as a bunch of gigs lined up under his own moniker and with Unknown Mortal Orchestra. ONmag spoke to him as he prepares for Splore festival.

So there’s a bit of a buzz on social media right now around your forthcoming album The Birthday Suite, with the first single (Bic’s Birthday) released on 13 January. Can we expect to hear some similar sounds from you at Splore?

Yes, I’ll be playing some tunes from that album at Splore, as well as some from another album, actually – so it’s going to be all new stuff at Splore.

Have you played at Splore before or been an attendee?

I’ve never been before, I’ve just heard a lot about it. I’ve always been on another gig and I’ve never had a chance to make it.

What attracted you to the festival?

Just that it’s right on the seafront and I’ve actually only heard good things about it. Everyone says that it’s one of the best festivals in the Southern hemisphere. It seems like utopian, kinda.

Can you tell us what time you’ll be playing your set?

It’s on the Friday, at 11pm.

What are you going to pack for Splore?

It depends on the weather I guess! 

Which other acts are you looking forward to seeing at Splore?

I really want to see Mark de Clive Lowe. I remember seeing him when I was a teenager. I didn’t know who he was at the time and we just stood there and watched the whole set. At the end I talked to him when they had a break – him and his jazz band and he was really cool.

What else is ON for 2018?

I’m gonna be drumming for UMO on tour, so quite busy with that and the new record dropping soon. So that’s pretty much me for this year.

What’s off?

Being negative. Being unhealthy. Typical bad things like that I find pretty annoying.

Splore’s the right place to be then, it’s pretty much all good things and healthy good times by the sea!


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Splore Tickets:

General admission adult festival ticket: $275 (includes general camping)

Youth ticket 13-17: $150

Children: Free

Camping upgrades are available

Reserved and glamping options on sale, as well as volunteering opportunities at www.splore.net

Get your tickets to Splore here.

Festival Location: One hour from Auckland’s CBD – Deery’s Rd, Orere Point.

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