Thank F*** it’s Friday and NYE with Sam Lee

Sam Lee, ideas man behind meMINI: the word's first wearable camera with recall.

Sam Lee, ideas man behind meMINI: the word’s first wearable camera with recall.

Wanaka is a breeding ground for success, whether you measure that in terms of acquisition of shiny things, athleticism or work/life balance. Local lad Sam Lee has his own spin on success and is stoked to be  launching his hot new wearable smart camera, meMINI at Kickstarter in the new year. ANNABEL WILSON caught up with Sam to talk work, play and keeping it real. Check out the interview below, then find out what’s ON in Wanaka as we say Hola! to 2014.

What’s happening in the world of Sam Lee at the moment ?

I’m currently preparing for the launch of meMINI onto Kickstarter on 7 January. Wanaka weather and lifestyle is very distracting though.

What’s your favourite thing about Fridays ?

It’s the easiest day to find a partner in crime.

Describe meMINI in five words .

Hindsight, fun, simple, unique, memories.

Where do you see yourself in five years ?


Which living person do you most admire and why ?

My dad John Lee, because some people see what is, and he sees what can be.

What did you get up to for Christmas ?

Hanging with my sister and brother in law on the couch with coffees, followed by a big lunch and Jenga, then biking round to visit friends in the evening.

What wakes you up in the middle of the night ?


Where do ideas come from ?

Embracing change. It’s constant. Fighting it is a losing battle that will destroy your creativity. 

If we raided your fridge , what would we find ?

Tomorrow you will find tonight’s left over Chinese. 

What’s ON for summer ?

Boating, biking, being with family and friends, meMINI and the odd beer or two. 

What’s off ?

People who steal bras. I mean, who does that?

What’s on the agenda for New Year ?

Work in Auckland, play in Wanaka, run a Kickstarter campaign, make meMINI!

Sounds like you’ve got it sorted, Sam. We think trophy hunters of the underwear variety are sickos too.

On the other hand, things that rock our world this week include lilos, FUNemployment, drinking South Gin in the garden and going to awesome gigs in #gigatownWanaka. Tonight we’ll be getting down to the funky sounds of Rockhopper, then hitting up Summerlands’ Summer Warm Up with Opio. Saturday we’ll be back to the Bully for The Heartleys and Sunday sees us down the river for the Clutha Classic Kayak Race then grooving to our mates Civilian Sol at Bistro Gentil’s spit roast barbeque then the Tin Flowers at The Creek.

On the 30th we will be packing carefully (think bananas, sunscreen and ONmag’s Festival Essentials – read the latest copy of the magazine to find out more) and pre-booking a Yello taxi for Rhythm and Alps. We are amped on this epic event and can’t hardly wait to shimmy and shake under the Southern stars to their awesome lineup for the biggest New Year party to hit Central Otago, ever!

If you’re hanging with the whanau and after a more chilled out vibe to ring in 2014, we suggest cruising to Summerdaze, The Branding, Zucchini Brothers or Craig Adams.

After a compulsory Down Day on 1st January, we’ll be checking out the Wanaka Rodeo on our way to Summerlands. We may need a Bloody Mary or two before going to Paul Ubana Jones sings Dylan on Jan 3… watch this space for updates on all our summer shenanigans. Love and light for the upcoming year to you from the crew at ONmag.

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