Thank F*** it’s Friday with Arma del Amor’s Martine Harding


Martine Harding, queen of evocative electronica from Arma del Amor. PHOTO:

Jordaine Wilson catches up with fifty percent of Arma Del Amor –  the talented singer/songwriter/life enthusiast Martine Harding as she talks about tonight’s release of their new EP, Backstreet Boys and what’s ON in the music scene this season. Then we tell you our recommendatiONs for an epic upcoming Wanaka weekend.

 I understand you have been both a soloist and part of a duo previously, so what made you team up with Danny to create Arma Del Amor?

I’ve been playing guitar and singing with my friend Fiona since we were about 16. I gained some really important musical and song writing skills as a soloist and as a duo over those years but I have always wanted to create music with more depth and groove. I believe Danny was on the same page with his folk music and so we decided to join forces and see what happened…thus Arma Del Amor was created.

 Current feelings prior to the EP release?

Pretty damn excited to be honest! We’ve worked our butts off these last eight months to pull together something we are really proud of.

And so you should be! So what’s your favourite thing about Friday?
Well that’s the day the beer tastes the best!

Simply describe success in five words or less
Contentment and love for yourself.

What’s the weirdest experience you’ve had at a gig?

I don’t know if I’d say it was weird, maybe more alarming. We were about to walk on stage at Southern Shakedown this year and I was warming up the old vocal chords in the corner of the paddock. The party is thrown on a farm in the mountains out of Christchurch. I walked up to the fence and casually grabbed the top of the wire with both hands, only to receive an extremely large electric shock. I screamed my head off! Great way to fire up that pre performance adrenalin. Turn the f#%*ing fence off for the party ay!

What goodness can be found in your ‘recently played’?

‘Girl’ by The Internet ft. Kaytranada  and ‘Realla’ by Tokimonsta ft. Anderson Paak

Recently I’ve been thrashing some old dancehall bangers; Kevin Lyttle’s ‘Turn Me On’, Chaka Demus and Pliers’ ‘Murder She Wrote’.
You may also find some Sean Paul in there….maybe.

 On that note, what is your guilty pleasure?

I will never feel guilty about my obsession for 90s pop and RnB…never! Just saw Backstreet Boys live…goals!

Apart from the return of Backstreet boys, what’s ON this season?

Arma Del Amor…get some!

Civillian Sol

Anna Van Riel

Rippon Sunday Sessions

Live music and free concerts…make sure you get amongst it all!

Biggest achievement?

Releasing this EP will by far be my biggest and proudest achievement.

Where will you be in five years?

Probably in the south of France in my friend’s apartment sleeping on the couch whilst touring Europe with Arma Del Amor…or maybe I’ll have my OWN apartment in the south of France!

Dream colab?

I would love to do an Arma Del Amor show with an orchestra one day. The power and enchantment of an orchestra blows me away and I’d love to create a compelling sound and performance.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

I am inspired by lots of things: people, nature music and space. I think a collection of these things influence and inspire me in more ways than one human could.

Catch Arma Del Amor playing soon at a venue near you!

July 31st Free entry Arma Del Amor EP Release show at Gin and Raspberry, Wanaka. No door charge so be there early!
August 28th Arma Del Amor EP Release show at The Find in Queenstown.
August 30th Arma Del Amor open for Kora at a free Winter Games event, outdoors next to Amigos in Wanaka.
This weekend, the ON crew will be enjoying craft beers, bicycle displays and fire play at the Oh My Goodness party followed by the Arma del Amor album release on Friday. We’ll hit up TC and Cardies during the day then bust out some Lindy Hop at Jive on Saturday night. Sunday is all about sessioning the mountains once again and sneaking up to Diamond Lake for a hot toddy and a lil’ ice skate. See you out there: love all.
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