Thank F*** it’s Friday with Beau James Wells

Eyes on the prize. PHOTO: Tim Pierce

Eyes on the prize. PHOTO: Tim Pierce

Jordaine Wilson has a chat with freeskiing legend and recent Winter Games superstar Beau James Wells on what’s in his fridge and what he’s up to on a fine old Friday. Then we drop some hints about what’s ON this weekend.

If we raided your fridge, what would we find?
Obviously lots of bacon.

What’s the best thing about Wanaka?
Well I’ve lived here my whole life, so my favourite thing is probably because it’s my home. 

 Favourite combo?
 Two Big Macs with no pickles.

What wakes you up in the middle of the night?
My roommate’s fridge. It will start beeping whenever it wants. So annoying. 

What’s a standard Friday for you?
I’ll wake up and check Instagram and then probably decide after that – haha.

Who is your biggest inspiratiON?
 I wouldn’t say they were my biggest inspirations, but my favourite people would be my three other brothers Jossi Wells, Byron and Jackson.

We love the sibling inspiration. Tonight the ON crew are happy hour hopping then hanging at The White House for an affogato, bro! Tomorrow we’ll be skiing Cardies and TC then shimmying at the Grand Winter Soiree. Sunday eve it’s the official after party of the North Face NZ Freeski Open. Represent!

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