Thank F*** it’s Friday with Colin Boyd ON the Freeride World Tour

Colin Boyd givin' it.

Colin Boyd givin’ it.

ANNABEL WILSON has a chat with one of Wanaka’s favourite snowboard dons, Colin Boyd. In the midst of his first season on the Freeride World Tour, Colin’s almost impossible to catch up with if you’re chasing him around the mountain. He’s also a super nice guy, cooks a mean batch of cookies and knows a thing or two about getting in the zone for high level performance. Check out the interview below then we tell you What’s ON in Wanaka this week.


Who taught you to ride and where did you learn?

I started riding when I was nine years old at Sunday River, a local ski hill in Maine, which later became my stomping grounds for about the next ten years.  My cousin Matt introduced me to the darkside, but after one lesson I was on my own to figure out how to slide.
In five words or less, define success.
Overcoming adversity with a smile.
What do you do to get in the zone for your events?
For me, a bit of a routine is important to dropping into the ‘zone’.  I try to ensure my equipment is taken care of the night before so I can remove the clutter from my mind.  Next I try to eat healthy and in appropriate quantities, cutting things like coffee, as it doesn’t mix with the pre-run adrenaline.  I will usually rock out some good tunes throughout the morning leading up to the event and I also try to get in as much stretching as possible before breakfast and before my run.  At the top I typically hang solo as there is a lot of energy flying around and I’ve found it works best for me to focus.  It is really easy to get caught up on other person’s negative attitude, the heli flying around, or focusing on other people’s runs at the top, so finding a routine helps me to  concentrate.
What’s the strangest thing you’ve done/seen/heard on a chairlift?
My friends in Bozeman, Montana enjoy creating the most awkward environments possible in the Big Sky ‘Beer Can’ (15 person tram) to the summit.  This includes discussing the most politically incorrect topics, most of which are too graphic to re-create.

What important lessons has being on the FWT taught you?
Don’t take life too seriously: it’s all about having fun.

Wanaka locals will be following your progress – any shout outs for the folks in NZ?

George at Generation GroupFit for whipping me into shape, Si and Vicky at Latitude44 for refining my technique, Nicki at Hot Yoga Fusion for keeping me limber, Gin and the team at Wanaka Physio for fixing my body, Treble Cone for all the fun, Greg and Paul at Logic for all the opportunities, all the friends and awesome connections I’ve made over the past five years, and last but not least, my amazing girlfriend Sofi who’s put up with me.

WATCH Colin Boyd in A New Zealand Freeride Story.

Wow, Colin’s got us psyched for snowriding again. In the meantime, there’s plenty of cool stuff to get amongst in our rockin’ town. This weekend the ON crew will be heading out to see The Bitches’ Box at Luggate Hall on Friday night, followed by Graeme James at Water Bar. Saturday we’ll have a swim then watch the fight at Mauy Thai Fight Night which may or may not cause us to get toey with our partners. That’s OK ‘cos we’re lovers not fighters and our only weapons are words. We’ll smooth things over with our other halves at  Tin Flowers, then rev things up again by insisting we have a local wine and go to see Il Flagrante – the rauchiest show to hit these shores in a while! We’re excited about this week and hope you are too. Get amongst it #gigatownwanaka. We heart you, much. XXX

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