Thank F*** it’s Friday with K+Lab


Ah yes it’s Friday and you want to know what’s ON. We reckon main man K+Lab, aka. Caleb Cowie is totally ON. With keytar at hand, a fresh new album just released and his soulman brother Joe by his side, this fella is our kinda guy. Cos he’s coming to Summerlands to blow our minds, we couldn’t resist asking Caleb some burning questions that we’d want to ask him on Date Night. At the end of the interview we tell you what’s happening in Wanaka this week.

Top activity for a Sunday morning? Dumplings from the Wellington Sunday markets: make my day!

Which living person do you most admire and why? My brother Joe, cause he’s the most soulful mofo on the planet.

Which song can always get you on the dance floor? I find it really hard to not do the robot every time Daft punk – Around The World comes on.

Greatest fear? My greatest fear is if the human race continues to live the way we do. I think we could take better care of this fragile planet we live on.

Guiltiest pleasure? I’m addicted to the jam donuts at Prefab cafe in Wellington. If you tried one you’d be the same.

Which words or phrases do you most overuse? For sure and shimownaa!

If you could reverse one decision you’ve made in your life, what would it be? Well, it’s been a crazy rollercoaster for sure, but I wouldn’t change a thing, I’m happy with where I’ve currently arrived – Shimownaaa!

When and where were you happiest? It’s a fine line. I love performing and being on the road touring and meeting new people but arriving home and being in the studio can be just as rewarding.

What is the most important lesson life has taught you? Do what you love and it will bring you happiness.

Describe your best haircut ever. I’ve always wanted Kid’s flat-top from the film House Party.

Describe Summerlands festival in five words. Phat, Tasteful, Friendly, Funky, Smiles!

This guy has miles of style. We can’t wait to see him at Summerlands. We’re so excited that we’re GIVING AWAY a ticket to Summerlands next week at the Jive ON Club Tropicana summer issue launch party. So put Saturday 30 November in your diary and get to Barluga to celebrate with us. Every Broken Shed cocktail puts you in the draw to win one of two tickets to one of summer’s coolest music festivals.

What else is ON this week in #gigatownwanaka?

Highlights are all the rad things happening this weekend with Rory Ellis at the Riverhouse, the school fair, the Philippines Fundraiser down at Kai, The Cardrona Vintage Fair out at the Cardies pub, Holly Arrowsmith at Bistro Gentil, oh and all the barbecues, boating missions, and house parties Wanaka is famous for. Plus we’re also enjoying the new craze of Stand Up Paddleboarding yoga! Yep it was on the news and it’s awesome.

We’re stoked to see the Passion for Fashion film screening at Gin and Raspberry soon and we’re currently compiling outfits for Club Tropicana and eating pineapple with a few chili flakes sprinkled on top like we’re in Vietnam or something.

So there you have it. A lil local insight into what’s ON in Wanaka, NZ. Because, in the words of New Young Pony Club, We are your friends. You’ll never be alone again.





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