Thank F*** it’s Friday with Matthew Brock from Burt.Ritos

Damn straight. Burt.Ritos gets it right, every time.

Damn straight. Burt.Ritos gets it right, every time.

Beside Bullock Creek on Brownston St, there’s a little slice of Mexico. Matthew Brock has stationed Burt.Ritos his self-fashioned Mexican food truck here, and we reckon it’s totally awesome. ANNABEL WILSON drops in for a burrito and a chat, and discovers a few of Matt’s favourite things. Read ON to find out how to score yourself a free taco. Then we tell you WHAT’S ON this week in Wanaka. Areeeba!

We like the name of your Mexican food truck, largely because we’re fond of word play. What’s your favourite anagram of Burt.Ritos? We like ‘Bro I Strut’.

Ha. ‘Burro Tits’ I guess. It kinda made me chuckle. Essentially it says ‘Donkey Tits’ in Spanish.

What’s the inspiratiON behind Burt.Ritos?

Fun, fresh, seasonal, and damn tasty food brought to the streets of Wanaka.

What would we find if we raided your fridge?

A Mexican fiesta waiting to happen.

What’s the best thing about Fridays?

It’s the middle of the week Burt.Ritos!

 What’s ON the menu tonight?

I’ve got a new taco. Carne Barbacoa – shredded beef, smoked carrot, onion, guajillo salsa, pickled jalapeño. And the elote is not too miss: Corn on the cob, ancho mayo, popcorn crumble, queso, chili, lemon. Corn season’s almost done, so get it while you can!

What do like best about Wanaka?

Sounds silly but, what’s not to like? I guess one thing is I get to wake up every day and look out over the lake from our house and say…DAMN!

ReasONs we love Mexico are that it’s the home of Frida Kahlo and frijoles, and along with corn, avocados, chili peppers, tequila and many other awesome foods, Mexico gave us chocolate. What do you love about Mexico?


Of course! Mexico is also the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world, and we find the Spanish language super hot. In fact our favourite expressions are dos cerveza por favor and vamos a la playa.  What are your favourite Spanish expressions?

I’ll take beers and the beach any day… as long as there’s waves. It’s kinda goofy but, the first thing a Mexican buddy taught me to say ages ago was, Yo tengo un el gato in mi pantalones. Makes me laugh every time. Gracias Domingo.

But I prefer, Mas olas y tacos por favor. Or, Comer mas tacos!

What’s ON for Autumn?

Slinging tacos and burritos.

What’s OFF?

The Elote.


Woah, I’m starting to drool just dreaming of all Matthew’s yummy Mexican food. If you are too, head down to Burt.Ritos tonight! The first person to correctly say ‘It’s ON’ to Matthew in Spanish will score themselves a free taco.

Wondering what else is ON this weekend in Wanaka? Look out for a bunch of high school teachers running around the streets as they compete in a not-so academic version of The Amazing Race on Friday evening, then stop in at Kai Whaka Pai to support the Aspiring Avalanche Dogs Inc Fundraiser. Enter the draw to WIN a free Treble Cone pass or nab a wicked spot prize as you enjoy a frosty lager by the lake. Then stop in at The Creek to see Anna van Riel perform in the last show of her Pot Belly Tour before the arrival of her newest mokopuna; or slide in to hear Civilian Sol at Woody’s bar.  Saturday sees the Gypsy Fair Original return to Wanaka; then DJ C:She ON the decks at Opium. On Sunday there’s the craft market at Pembroke Park. But don’t blow all your cash because Treble Cone’s earlybird season’s pass sale ends March 31, so Coneheads wouldn’t want to miss out on that.

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