Thank F*** it’s Friday with Quentin from Qfoto

Empty your pockets: We analyse what Q's holding in his pants

Empty your pockets: We analyse what Q’s holding in his pants

ANNABEL WILSON catches up with photographer/ snowcat driver Q Kenning for one of those enlightening chairlift conversations you can only have on the mountain. Then we tell you what’s ON this weekend in the 443 and beyond…

So Q what’s your favourite thing about Friday?

It’s Adventure Friday. The day I look forward to every week.

If we opened your fridge, what would we find?

A block of cheese, some single origin Allpress coffee beans and some cold meat. My fridge is empty because I’m never home. Maybe there’s some milk for my muesli. I haven’t been shopping in weeks, and I mostly dine at Vudu cafe.

What’s in your snowpants pocket?

An oversized man wallet made of Spanish saddle leather from Sweden, my business card, TC pass and iphone. And a nutbar wrapper.

Yeah we know you’ve got a thing for all things Scandinavian… What tunes were you cranking on the way up here?

The new album from Jamie xx and some classic Nick Cave.

Quentin Kenning, up close and personal.

Quentin Kenning, up close and personal.

In five words or less, define success. 

Pow slash. That is success!

Agreed. What do you get up to during the day?

Sleep in. I”m on nightshift driving snowcats at Remarks. Then snowboarding, taking photos, riding my bike and buying coffee from Eastern European goddesses.

What’s your spirit animal?

I have no idea. For some reason, a wolf comes to mind. I have two t-shirts with wolves on them. One is a three headed wolf. So maybe that could be my spirit animal. A lone wolf – because I do things by myself.

Boxers or Y-fronts?

I’ve got a collection of both.

Fave mountain to ride in NZ and why?

Treble Cone with friends who are like family.

So why do you live in Queenstown then?

Because of the work opportunities. And the mountain biking. Summer’s great there. I think winter’s better in Wanaka – there’s more of a community feel, and more core riders over here.

That’s what we reckon. There are cool things about both sides of the Crown range. Wanaka and Queenstown are friendly rivals, Springfield versus Shelbyville style. So what’s ON in the Central Otago basin this weekend? It’s all about the Formidable Vegetable Sound System at Gin and Raspberry tonight, followed by pow slashes at our chosen fields of dreams early in the morning. Saturday it’s the SOAR stage show, the NZ Mountain Film Festival and Heineken and hamburger night at The Landing. It’s win, win, win. See you out there! 


We kea. We kea a lot. PHOTO: Qfoto.

We kea. We kea a lot. PHOTO: Qfoto.








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