Thank F*** it’s Friday with Robbie McCulloch

Musician Robbie McColloch. PHOTO: John-Jo Ritson.

Musician Robbie McColloch. PHOTO: John-Jo Ritson.

Hello Friday. Hello long weekend. If you’re in Wellington, ONmag recommends you drop in to the Ministry of Food this afternoon to hear Robbie McColloch¬†play a live acoustic set while you sip cocktails and unwind.

Originally from Lower Hutt, Robbie is a Wellingtonian who has also made a name for himself in the Wanaka music scene. Having lived down south in recent times, he’s back in the capital to reconnect with his roots before heading to Massey where he’s studying science. So now’s the chance to catch this soul man playing his music – a welcome start to Waitangi weekend.

Robbie can play old school grooves and hip hop tunes by ear. And, super casually, he can bust out an acerbic freestyle rap when the mood strikes. This afternoon, he’ll play a wide range of mellow covers to soothe away the working week in the hospitality haven of Ministry of Food. Redefining the one man band, he’s bringing his loop station so he can layer various sounds and changes. To watch and hear his looping is a magical thing – he’ll lay down a beat, then the chords then the words ’til it’s like there’s a drummer, guitarist and a vocalist jamming together. Very clever. ANNABEL WILSON caught up with Robbie as he got ready for his gig to find out what makes this muso tick.

– What’s the best thing about Friday?

It’s the end of the working week for my family and friends which means they have time to hang out and catch up with me.

– What makes Wellington so special?

I grew up here in Wellington so I have a lot of family and friends who live here. There’s also some sick skate spots that I enjoy.

– Which Kiwi artist/s do you most admire?

Warren Maxwell – not only does he create great music; he unites people and empowers others through music. He is also super talented in multiple instruments.

– Describe your sound.

I don’t have one particular sound. I like to explore many different instruments to create music that I’m in tune with. I don’t like to categorize myself with one type of genre.

– Advice for first timers to the Ministry of Food?

Enjoy the experience that MoF offers. They have great food, great service and a true Wellington vibe.

– What can we expect from your set tonight?

I’ll be using a loop station to layer multiple instruments to create a full band sound, playing songs from a mixture of different genres.

– What’s ON?

The long weekend and TPPA protest. I am fully anti- TPPA!

– What’s off?

John Key.

To catch Robbie play, head down to the Ministry of Food on Bowen St NOW! He’s doing a three hour set from 4.30pm; and it’s Happy Hour with $7 Mojitos from 5 – 6pm.¬†Head to the Ministry of Food’s Facebook page for further information. Stay awesome and keep ON keeping on.

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