Thank F*** it’s Friday with Stefi Luxton and a FREE mixtape

High times with Stefi Luxton: Not Sorry!

High times with Stefi Luxton: Not Sorry!

You know (or have heard of) mixtapes, the original analogue ones? They used to come into your life like a random surprise. Appeared sliding around in the footwell of your car, loaded with a twenty cent mixture of tunes you’d not heard before. They’d leave you, in the same way pens do, just as mysteriously as they arrived. Rock n rolling onwards to inspire others with their smorgasbord beats of unknown origin. Now that life is all digital, mixtapes are a bit more prescribed but we still love them. As much as we love the white stuff Mother Nature provides  to remind us of the capacity for transformation. Winter is in full swing, it’s Friday and the ONmag crew are amping. ANNABEL WILSON had a pow-wow with New Zealand slopestyle darling Stefi Luxton to talk snow, success and the best songs for a mixtape. Then we tell you where it’s at in terms of all things rad this week in Wanaka and Queenstown. 

Who taught you to ride and where did you learn?

I used to ski so I would swap setups with my friends Isy and Leah at Treble Cone when I was 13. After that year I got some hand me down boots and a Sims board… I was hooked.

In five words or less, define success. 
Enjoying the moment. Having FUN.
What do you do to get in the zone for your events? 
Listen to music.
What’s the strangest thing you’ve done, seen or heard on a chairlift? 
I’ve been asked from a American what currency we use in New Zealand!
What’s your favourite thing about Friday?
Friday always has a positive energy. Everyone is happy.
Which tracks would you put on a mixtape?
Arma Del Amor – great tunes!
What’s ON in Wanaka this winter?
Snow, snow and more snow. Treble Cone is going to be on.
What’s OFF?
Snow Park NZ. Rest In Peace.
This weekend, you’ll find the ON crew remastering the Melbourne Shuffle at tonight’s Capitahl and Breaking Beats party at Water Bar with Civil Din, GIMIK, WanaKuts and Dred Astaire. Saturday sees us slashing the stashes at Treble Cone and Cardrona. We’ll be kickin’ to tunes from LOOP’s new mixtape featuring  fresh drops from local start-ups Aron Ottignon, Chambres, Jono Das, Spycc, Team Cat Food and Tennis Champ, alongside Japanese talent Haioka. The compilation begins with a brand spankin’ remix from the latest signing to the Loop Recordings stable, Electric Wire Hustle, who were one of our favourite acts from the Festival of Colour 2013. Next week we are off to our new haven in Queenstown, the edgy-styley-cool Sherwood Hotel for Don McGlashan on Thursday. We’ve also just perused the programme and snaffled a bunch of tickets to the Mountain Film Festival. Keep on keeping ON: see you out there! 


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