Thank F*** it’s Friday with Tyler Martens a.k.a Stickybuds

funk hunter

PHOTO: Rhythm & Alps

Hailing from our favourite maple syrup producing, snow-twin country, Canada, Stickybuds himself is coming in hot to Wanaka soil to play alongside The Funk Hunters in the Lake Wanaka Centre…. TONIGHT. A teacher gone full monty international DJ, Tyler Martens is known for being a founding father of the Ghetto Funk genre, and for upping the level of bass savagery at Rhythm and Alps 2015. Now he’s back for another slice of Wanaka pie and had a few cheeky minutes to chat to On Mag’s EMMA SIMPSON about James Brown on steroids and his own unique sounds!


-You’ve gone from a teacher to being full throttle dj and producer, bringing filthy bass and ghetto funk all around the globe- how did it all happen?

A lot of persistence and hardwork, always doing my best at my craft.


-What’s in the pipeline for 2016?

Lots more music, gonna chill on so much touring for the rest of the year and get back in the studio making chunezzzz.


-How would you describe your sound to a complete music virgin?

James Brown on steroids riding a purple flying funk dragon through Jamaica.


-If I was to have a creep through your music playlists what would I find? Give me guilty pleasures (be honest) )and inspirations?

I listen to mostly chill music when I’m not dj’ing… Thievery Corporation, also been listening to a lot of 20Syl.


-Here’s your chance to butter up your kiwi crowd- you’re no stranger to performing on our (sheep infested) soil- what are your thoughts on New Zealand?

Love it here, great crowds and parties, and I love that you guys love DNB so much.


-What’s ON?

Lamb Chops and Ginger Beer !


What’s OFF?

$25 dollar ciggies wtf?!.


-Few words you’d like to say to Wanaka? 

See you soon! Woop woop. 

If your truly keen to be frothing on your Friday night jump on over to HERE to grab your tickets to go on a Funk Hunt for Stickybuds from 7pm at the Lake Wanaka Centre! Lets get this weekend cranking!

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