Wanaka Chicks Rip

With easy access to three killer snow resorts, Wanaka is home to some pretty talented athletes. ON catches up with three local snow queens who have returned to their Kiwi stomping ground after successful Northern Hemisphere seasons.


Bex goes big at the 2012 European X-Games. Photo: WANAKA.TV

Bex Sinclair

Highlights of the 2011/2012 comp season:

The best part about the WSChamps was that the pipe was amazing! I was feeling really good physically and mentally so I was able to send my riding to the next level and stomp personal best runs.

Why Wanaka?
Every time I come back to Wanaka after being overseas I just feel so lucky to live here. Everywhere I look is a breathtaking view. I have my dog and my mum and dad here so I just feel like I can relax again after the ups and downs of the Northern Hemi winter. I guess what I miss most though is the peacefulness of Wanaka.





Rose Battersby

Highlights of the 2011/2012 comp season:
My winter in the NH was pretty full on and unexpected. I had planned with my coach Pete Lagnavsky that it would just be purely focused on development and training rather than competing. It turned out to be the total opposite. I got an invite to X Games at the start of January and from there it was all go. I ended up getting invites to all the Dew Tour stops, European X Games, Aspen X Games and the AFP world championships. It was such an exciting six months – even though it was so full on, I loved it all. My highlight was defiantly Euro X Games. It was my first trip to Europe so everything was so exciting and new. I landed a really good run that gave me an awesome score and I ended up in 9th place.

Why Wanaka?
I love how central it is to everything. You can get to a bunch of awesome resorts within within hours of driving. I also love how beautiful it is whatever view you have. It’s also the snow sports centre of New Zealand so everyone is there in the winter for you to ski/board with during the day and party with at night.


Rose on the podium.




Abby Lockhart

Abby Lockhart.

Highlights of the 2011/2012 comp season:
My northern hemi season was super fun. I travelled to Europe this year and competed a bit doing some freeride and slope events. It was a great experience. I also went to Canada and the USA to shoot some photos. I had a really productive trip getting to do a little of everything. Highlights would be winning my first event in France, going to WSC in Oslo, riding Mt Baker for a week getting 20 inches every night and hitting the ‘Stick it’ – a cliff at Stevens pass I have wanted to do for a while!

Why Wanaka?
The best thing about been based in Wanaka for me is how beautiful it is. I love getting back there after my travels and unpacking my bags and relaxing into home life. It has three amazing mountain resorts right here and so much to offer in outdoor adventure. It’s such a special place and I’m lucky to be able to call it home!

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