Why The Funk Hunters Will Change Your Life

Dunks and The Outlier are two lads from Vancouver you have to listen to, or even better see, as soon as you can. ANNABEL WILSON caught their recent shows at Rhythm and Alps and Summerlands during The Funk Hunters‘ Antipodean tour and shares five reasONs why their electronica is edgy and their inspiration, charming.


The Outlier takes a jump at AJ Hackett bungee, Kawarau River, Queenstown, NZ. Photo: www.onmag.co.nz

1. Their spontaneity is catching.

These two are the kind of guys who decide to go for a bungee jump before their show. What better way to warm up for an unforgettable gig that saw the guy from The Veils ride an inflatable dolphin, bare-chested men mount other men’s shoulders and the R&A crowd erupt into a Corybantic frenzy?

Nick from The Funk Hunters knows a thing or two Photo: Stash Media Worx

The Outlier from The Funk Hunters knows a thing or two

2. They’re smart.

Have a chat with the duo and you’ll soon discover there’s a bunch of brains behind their signature high energy sets and synced AV show. A depth of musical knowledge across a range of genres informs their unique live mash-ups and remixes; and they’re also clued up on things like the Happiness Index.

The Funk Hunters look sharp

The Funk Hunters look sharp Photo: Sarah Carlton

3. They’re stylish.

Take a cue from their wardrobe and you’re bound to look good. Decked in RVCAEtnies, Emerica and Wanaka’s own CHOP gear, these guys sport some killer threads.

The Funk Hunters @ Rhythm and Alps Photo: www.onmag.co.nz

The Funk Hunters @ Rhythm and Alps Photo: www.onmag.co.nz

4. They’re not afraid to embrace change.

With a prolific global touring schedule, the pair are schooled in Heraclitus‘ mantra that change is the only constant. As the crescendo to their New Year’s Eve set, The Funk Hunters dropped a couple of their DnB originals, imploring “You guys are the first to hear this.” Everyone was amped on the debut of new tunes, which morphed magnificently into a remix of Fleetwood Mac‘s The Chain. As they reminded us, “We love the classic shit. We also love to give it a twist.”

The Funk Hunters rock Rhythm and Alps. Photo: Stash Media Worx

The Funk Hunters rock Rhythm and Alps. Photo: Stash Media Worx

5. They’re playing soon at a venue near you.

Hop-skotching across the Tasman, The Funk Hunters have a packed schedule over the next couple of months that will see them playing from Byron Bay to Invercargill, as well as the enigmatic Splore festival. On their way home they’ll stop in at Costa Rica for Envision before rocking the Commodore Ballroom at their Vancouver base. Catch them if you can. Like the final frame on the visuals at their Wanaka set – which could either be a sunrise or sunset  – they’re metamorphic.

Check out Dunk’s bungee jump here.

Watch them in action.

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Follow the seminal rise and rise of these boys at www.thefunkhunters.com

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